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Interview the interviewer

We’ve all been there in an interview–when your potential future employer asks, “What questions do you have?” You don’t want to wing this. It’s essential to be as prepared for this question as all the others because you want to ensure this employer is a great fit

You have a great opportunity to really learn about an employer with the right questions. I recommend mixing in questions throughout the interview and saving some questions for the end.

I have created a list of interview questions to ask an employer that I hope benefits you. There are setting-specific questions at the top and general interview questions at the bottom, which apply to all settings. You do NOT need to ask every question during the interview. I recommend asking a portion of the questions based on what is important to you. I did not include any questions regarding pay and benefits.

Another resource I wish would have been available to me beginning as a therapist is “Rate My Therapy Company” Facebook group. I created this community to make it easier for therapists to learn about companies before applying. This group allows therapists to rate companies and provide valuable information on factors such as pay, productivity, and company culture.

Home health questions:

Is there a point system?

Do you pay for mileage?

Do you provide a tablet or cellphone?

Will I supervise an assistant?

What territory will I cover? How many miles does the average clinician drive per week?

Will follow-ups be delegated to an assistant?

Can I change my schedule to work four 10’s?

What is the patient referral source?

Are RNs on staff?

Is there a difference in payment for SOC vs eval. vs follow up visits?

How many SOCs/evals./ follows-ups does the average clinician complete per week?

What is the required time frame to complete a note?

Hospital questions (ICU, acute,inpatient ):

How many beds and floors are in the hospital?

Do therapists switch between units?

What is the weekend or Holiday requirement?

Is specialty training such as wound care required?

Outpatient questions:

How many patients am I expected to see per hour? Is double or triple booking common?

Do techs lead exercises?

How many evaluations does a therapist complete per week?

Skilled Nursing Facility questions:

Is group or concurrent therapy required or strongly encouraged

Who makes a decision about which patients will benefit from group/concurrent treatment

General questions (any setting):

What is the productivity requirement and how is it measured?

What is the documentation system?

What is a typical day?

How is the relationship between nurses and therapists?

Are hours guaranteed?

Why is the position open?

What are the clinic’s goals?

Is mentorship available? What does it look like?

What are the hours/day for the position? Is overtime a possibility?

Can you give an example of how therapists work together to solve problems?

Do the staff ever meet for team activities outside of work?

How is the onboarding and orientation process?

What is the patient population?

Is there a clinical ladder program or some type of professional development program?

What is the dress code?

How long does a therapist receive for evaluations and follow-ups?

What are the biggest challenges of the clinic along with the largest opportunities?

What is your favorite and least favorite part about the company?

Can I speak with a current employee about their experience with your company?

What other members of the therapy team work at the facility? Will there be an aid?

What kind of equipment is at the facility?

What reservations do you have about hiring me, if any?

I hope you enjoyed the list of potential questions to ask an employer. Join Rate My Therapy Company Facebook group to research reviews of companies before even applying. Good luck and get after it.


Yonas is a travel physical therapist originally from Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with his DPT degree in May of 2018. In his free time, he likes to listen to podcasts, exercise, and hike. The best way to contact Yonas is through Facebook, Instagram @yonasthept, or email at
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